Website hosting

My clients ask regularly:

  • What do I get for my money?
  • How regularly is my site backed-up?
  • What happens if my site crashes?
  • What technologies do I need? What don’t I need?
  • Should I host my website with an Australian company?
  • What sort of support can I expect?

I can explain how it all works (in plain English), offer advice and help you to choose the appropriate hosting solution for your website.

I’ve worked on websites of all sizes, from large sites that are hosted on clusters of dedicated servers to small business websites on "virtual" hosting. Consequently, I’ve worked with a range of web hosting providers, so I can advise you which sort of hosting might suit your needs.

I can provide you with the right advice to help you to look after the website hosting yourself. Or, if you prefer the ease of a one-stop shop solution, I can advise you, set-up and support your website hosting.

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